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ESO Warden Leveling Build Advice


ESO is a massively multiplayer online role playing game first released in 2014. It was developed by ZeniMax online studios and can be played on Xbox one, Microsoft windows, OS X and PlayStation 4. It is an exciting fantasy game where players have to create their own characters to visit the adventurous world of Tamriel. Players get to decide how they want to play the game and when they want to play it because technically, they are the game.

In the update, Morrowind, wardens are introduced. They are a nature based class whose builds are tanking, dealing damage and healing. Two of the party roles (healing and dealing damage) are meant to help allies while tanking is used to destroy foes.

Warden healer builds.
Healing builds are mostly area based and can be used to heal self and allies. The major healing builds are a restoration staff and a destruction staff.
The restoration staff is used to heal especially when in groups. It has a grand healing ability where it can heal more than one ally at a time, blessing of protection which is like a prayer for combat and a regeneration ability which is most useful in small groups. A Destruction staff comes in handy when allies are healing as it is used to damage the has 3 abilities; to weaken the enemy by stealing their magicka, damage the foe directly and damaging them over time by use of elements.

Warden tank build.
This ESO warden build comes in handy when levelling up, as it consist of attaining skills that strengthen the character and damage skills to destroy the enemy. With the tanking build there is a one hand shield and a preference weapon or back bar.

One hand shield is one of the main tools that boosts ability to defend self and allies. This shield is used to pierce the enemies armor, thus reduce their damage resistance and as a defensive skill when being attacked. A Preference weapon on the other hand is a bar that is paired with the main weapon, usually a sword and a shield to make it as effective as possible. This weapons are used to assault the enemy while assisting the player in levelling up

Damage dealing builds.
This are mainly used to take, heal and deal damage when levelling up. It includes builds like the dual wield, two-handed weapon build and bow DPS build and is suitable for both group and solo play.
The dual wield is an ESO warden build that causes plenty of damage with high chances of survival while with the two handed weapon, raw damage is caused but the player stays alive. The bow is more of a back bar, used to strengthen the previous two builds.

As is with most fantasy games, players are not only fascinated by the adventure into a new word, but the skills they get along the way. The ESO warden builds are meant to enhance the gaming experience by giving players attack and defensive mechanisms. They also come in handy when players need to advance in the game.

Summoners War Sky Arena – One In A Lifetime MMORPG


It will be a Herculean task to distinguish a unique game from others in the environment of a million MMORPs. Square Enix’s Guardian Cross and Mobage’s Rage of Bahamut are great MMORPGs, but many other games can no longer be found within the free-to-play mobile applications. The Summoners War Sky Arena is one in a million in the world of MMORPGs. It has a massive collection of over found a hundred monsters and a mindboggling graphics. With greed and wickedness of mana crystals led the globe into a brutal war in this game.

The only way to resolve the ongoing problem is to create an arena or avenue to settle for peace. In the beginning of the game, you will see a floating island with a lady greeting the player. Players will also be directed to a section of empowering and collecting monsters in the beginning of the game. The monsters that you will collect in this game moves freely while the island remains your domicile.

Pay To Win/Free To Play Section:

The Summoners War Sky Arena game comes with a fun and classic fighting system. The graphics of the game is superb with detailed information. Another thing that you cannot deny about the game is its interactive monster island. In this mobile MMORPG game, you will find plenty of pay-to-win sections just like other similar games. The space or time limit has been reduced for free players and increased on the part of gamers paying to play. There a fluctuation of monsters in rarity and usability from 1 start to five.

The entire story mode will make you see the acquisition of unknown scrolls. This will help to create one to three star monsters. With mystical scrolls that can be difficult to collect through dungeons will help to summon 3-5 star monsters. Mystical scrolls can be bought by using red mana crystal upgraded currency. There is every possibility to continuously summon mystical scrolls if you have unlimited money. This summoning can continue until you have been able to gather a group of five star monsters.

It is also know as a massive benefit for pay-to-win gamers over free players. Since any monster can be upgraded to a 6 star rarity structure, then Summoners War Sky Arena remains a balanced game. It is important to know that some high ranking monsters may not have powerful skills as anticipated. Nevertheless, you can always find monsters at two and three stars level displaying great skills in the free-to-play mode in the game.


Interactive base building

Great fighting mechanics

Amazing mobile graphics


Some glitches may occur while playing the game

Plenty of grinding

Plenty of pay-to-win sections


The game has the capability to make all monsters evolve to equal maximum level. Daily tasks and missions can help you obtain red mana crystals while playing the game. In a day, you can gather up to thirty red mana crystals. This can be equivalent to one-third of a mystical gathering. Red manna crystals can be used for additional arena fights, extra energy and special buildings. Give the game try now and see how it works.