How To Find The Right eSports Agent


Agents are of utmost importance in the sports industry. Both aspiring and experienced sportsmen have an experienced and reputed agent to help them in dealing with their matches and contracts. Esport isn’t as widely popular as the common physical sports, but since the last couple of years, this too is turning out to trend among budding sportsmen. This trend will surely last and so players should make it a point to educate themselves about the nitty gritties of esports. This is easily simplified by choosing the right esports agents Although the idea of choosing the right expert might initially seem challenging, yet once you follow these guidelines choosing the most deserving individual for the post wouldn’t be much of a hassle.

Experience in handling contracts

This is the first thing which you should ensure while choosing the right esports agent. Make sure that the agent you choose has a proper idea about contracts. Unlike the regular sports industry, esports doesn’t really have many scopes of contracts. But the right agent will take care of the player’s advantage and come up with creative contract terms. He should be experienced enough to negotiate the salary of a sportsman and should also make sure to negotiate on other incentives like salary hikes and performance bonuses. The performance bonuses can purely be designed in a way to meet the players’ interests.

Having the right connections

Another significant asset of an agent is to the have the right connections. Being well connected in the sports industry and knowing people who will really matter, is likely to make things easier for the player. This becomes tad more relevant when the agent is acquiring and collecting the deals on the behalf of the player. You can check if your chosen agent is well-connected with the sports industry, if he has been an active part of the industry for a while. If he has previously represented someone else, it is definitely safe to assume that he has the right connections in the sports industry.

Experience in the esports industry

Besides having the necessary experience for handling contracts, you should also ensure that your agent has the right experience in his industry. Without a proper and profound insight on the industry, it’s way of operation and the key companies and individuals it becomes highly challenging for the agent to guide the player during the most important periods of his career. Due to this reason, players should make it a point to choose experienced agents. The history of all potential agents should be checked to ensure that he is the right fit for your job.

Industry Reputation

Yes. The industry reputation of your chosen agent is also of utmost importance. You need to check the testimonials of the agent and make sure that he provides value to the people he serves. You need to check if he is trustworthy and respected by others for his consistent performance. An agent with a proper and high reputation will build several opportunities for you thereby helping you succeed in your esports career. So follow these guidelines and choose the right agent to enjoy popularity and financial success at the same time.